Casino anthology film

Main poster (Casino)

One of the most renowned film directors in the industry was the one who created this vision and who brought it to the big screen. As a result, Casino became an anthology film, between reality and fiction, portraying a very remarkable casino era. Certainly, when casino regulations are in the full process, it is important to consider a reality that has influenced the industry. In fact, in many ways.

Thus, Casino the movie has become a classic

Certainly, Scorsese shows the action of the mafia in control of a Las Vegas Casino. A true story of gangsters by a profession that took place in the bright and luxurious city of Las Vegas brought the cinema a gripping and tense plot. Based on the novel by author Nicholas Pileggi, Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas, the book was translated into the film titled Casino, which illustrates the rise and decline of a gambling hall owner, his mob buddy, and a former prostitute. The film takes place in the 1970s and features commendable performances by actors already established in American cinema, such as Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone.

Given the gambling context, the plot could not have been shot anywhere else but in a casino. In this way, the setting is yet another factor that involves the viewer in the story.

The film was portrayed so real that it was recorded at the Stardust, one of the real casinos run by Frank Rosenthal. Although Stardust is not explicitly mentioned in the film, Scorsese alludes to the real-life connection to the casinos of the time through the film’s soundtrack.

The music by American composer Hoagy Carmichael plays several times and refers to the period experienced by the mobster. In the film, Sam Rothstein’s Casino was named The Tangiers, where most of the scenes were filmed, making it possible to enjoy all the elements of brightness and luxury of the gambling house.

Screenplay and critics

The script of The Casino makes the audience’s eyes stick in some scenes, but at the same time, it gives laziness in others, according to most expert reviews. Overall, however, the film is vibrant with fast-paced scenes, action to the measure, and excellent acting by the actors. And, in fact, it is an excellent program, especially if you are a fan of casinos and like stories that refer to this theme.

Director Martin Scorsese leaves his mark on a well-crafted script that maintains the tradition of mafia movies. Some even believe that the emphasis on gambling overcomes the cliché of the gangster mafia. Gambling has its space and attracts the gaze of those watching the film, especially to the gambling house that shows its brilliance. Some say that Robert De Niro’s performance was not very effective. However, others defend the actor, arguing that it is the character’s own weakness.

But everyone agrees on one thing, the beautiful appearance of Sharon Stone, who, together with the soundtrack, became a chapter apart in terms of quality and alone had the power to raise the film a lot. The actress, with her stunning beauty, stole every scene in which she was present. In addition, the story brings an important dichotomy; the relationship between two gangsters Sam and Nicki, who live a veiled dispute all the time. Even though they are considered allies. While the plot unfolds, the casino is in full swing, demonstrating its vitality and luxury.


The movie The Casino, released in 1995, is considered a cinema classic, especially because of the great actors and the beautiful scenery where the story unfolds. In addition, gambling, as a backdrop, brings the characteristic glow of Las Vegas casinos. And, certainly, it demonstrates how gangsters used the world of games to hide shady deals. This universe, where villains’ intentions and the law are so intricate, also portrays to some extent the real world. Here is a great attraction of this style of the film.