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Win your great escape in Ontario's Highlands!

Explore Ontario’s Highlands – Your Ultimate Summer Getaway & Tourism Attraction

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city this summer with a relaxing day trip or memorable weekend getaway to Ontario’s Highlands. Located just 2.5 hours east of Toronto and 30 minutes west of Ottawa, we are a premier travel destination offering hundreds of unique, made-for-you adventures that are close to home, yet far away from it all.

In place of towering skyscrapers and the loud rush of traffic, our picturesque small towns feature one-of-a-kind shops, quaint restaurants, old architecture and an unmatched hospitality that we are always remembered for. Our streets echo with the friendly conversations of local shop-owners learning your name, notes of jazz (or fiddles!) during one of our summer festivals, the spirited applause following a classical theatre production, and the easygoing pitter-patter of feet with plenty of places to go and plenty of new memories to create.

Let your sense of curiosity guide you off the beaten path through 23, 000 square kilometres of pristine, untouched wilderness where you’ll enjoy tranquil solitude, or find out what you’re made of. Home to the Whitewater Capital of Canada, here, you can experience the heart-pounding rush of the mighty whitewater guiding your raft across the Ottawa River, the thrill of bungee jumping from 150 feet or the knots creeping into your stomach as you discover a whole new rolodex of other brag-worthy moments, like ATVing and zip-lining. You can also expand your horizons with a hands-on workshop in everything from glassblowing to kayaking, or travel back in time with a visit to one of our cultural centres, quirky museums or nostalgic heritage sites.

Those looking for an offbeat travel experience will love digging for treasure while exploring the story behind our region’s unique geology, grabbing a bite from one of our funky chip trucks, or staying the night at a charming B&B or lodge, nestled in the wilderness.

Come to Ontario's Highlands and discover the unique breath of experiences that this unforgettable and welcoming region has to offer, or enjoy doing nothing at all in a rural and tranquil setting that's yours for the taking. No matter how you choose to travel, one thing is for certain: Even if it's your first visit, you'll feel like you've known us forever.

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